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How to place an order on KPM2GO:

Step 1 - Shop Saturday at 1pm thru Friday at 9am


You can continue to add, edit or remove items throughout the open order period.  


Vendors receive your confirmed orders Thursday after 12:05 p.m.


Farm and food vendors harvest and prepare your order for the Saturday market. 


Step 2 - Confirm your Order (re-confirm as necessary)

The cart does not reserve an item for you until the order is "Confirmed". 


To protect the items you are selecting, from selling to another customer, simply confirm your order with your first item. This will secure this item and additional items as you add to your order.


This requires two clicks. Click the "Confirm Order" button on the pop-up that appears when you add your first item to the cart. Then click the red "Confirm" button in the upper right above your order summary. 


You can easily add to your order anytime the store is open after you have confirmed it - all additions will automatically be combined into the same order and billed together after pick-up.


Some products are offered in different sizes - don't overlook the small downward facing triangle indicating a drop-down menu with size variations.

If an item shows as "0" quantity in your cart, that means it was sold out before you could confirm it.

For this reason, feel free to "Confirm" once you have your most important items selected.

When you're finished shopping for the week, click "Resend Confirmation" to get the correct total sent to your e-mail.  


However, for the consideration of others, please do not confirm items in your cart that may be removed later.


Step 3 - Payment by Credit Card


Payment is due as soon as you're finished shopping. 

Step 4 - Market Day Pick-up

We welcome requests for curbside pickup. Let us know your order number and what time you plan on picking up your order in the "Notes" field at the bottom of your cart. 


You can also state in your order notes if someone else is picking up your order.


There are no plans to offer delivery-for-a-fee to the general public at this time.  We are a small team of volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring wide public access to local food.


Step 5 - Pick-up times at Kenosha Public Market


The pickup site is Kenosha Public Market, at Lakefront Dugout, on 7th Avenue. The market is located on 620 59th Street. You may pick up your order at the market entrance or request curbside on 7th Avenue. Look for the “Curbside Pickup” sign.


The pick- up times are 10am to 1pm.

If you did not receive your Pick-up confirmation, please check your spam folder & confirm which e-mail address it was sent to. You may wish to "white list" to ensure you receive all e-mails from us.


Step 6 - Review Saturday Pick-up Instructions


Public Health and market policies continue to evolve as the pandemic situation changes, so please be sure to review the instructions in your Pick-up Reminder e-mail each week in case there have been any changes.


Step 7 - Wash & check over your items. Missing anything?


Although we have taken every preventative measure possible, with your safety in mind, please wash your hands immediately when you get home, then wash and/or sanitize your items before you put them away.


Check to make sure you have all the items ordered. That's it! Enjoy!

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