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Indoor Winter Market Dates: Nov. 6 thru April 30

Kenosha Public Market is proud to offer features such as a consistent 24-week indoor market, online ordering for shoppers to prepurchase and pickup curbside regardless of weather or health conditions, and participation in downtown community events, marketing opportunities, and partnerships to keep our market visible and top of mind. We have chosen to keep vendor rates low to focus on your ability to make money - after all, our vendors are what makes this a great market!

We are excited to be located in Downtown Kenosha year-round as it’s a pedestrian-friendly community where customers can enjoy a whole day’s worth of fun. Convenient parking, boutique shops and salons, and local attractions such as museums, authentic streetcars and historic lighthouses add to the experience that guests can package with attending the market. Kenosha Public Market is truly one of the many destinations in downtown Kenosha.

Thank you for your consideration and all your hard work. Please let us know if you have questions or if we can help you further.



2021/2022 Indoor Winter Season


Day:               SATURDAY


Dates:            NOV 6th to APRIL 30 (24 weeks)

Location:        625 57th Street (The Vault)


Time:             10 AM to 2 PM 


Pricing:       ​    $30 per Saturday


Vendors are invited to list their products on our Online Sales Portal-KPM2GO.  KPM promotes this platform in order to increase the number of sales completed before the market opens every week. Orders open Saturday at 1p.m. thru  Friday at 9 a.m. with pick-up at the market information booth or curbside.


Only the following types of vendors are considered for our markets:

FARMERS/FOOD PRODUCERS: Vendors who are actively involved and invested in the planting, growing and harvesting of agricultural product on owned, leased, rented, or share-cropped land in the United States of America, but preferentially in the Midwestern Region, with seasonal exceptions to allow for fruit and vegetables to bridge unavailability. This vendor type includes ranchers, dairymen, and fishermen. This category also includes vendors who sell value-added products made from their own farms’ products. ​


FOOD PROCESSOR: Vendors who sell foods that they have personally prepared or processed. Food Processors offer ‘hands on’ processing of fresh food products, such as, prepared meats (jerky), baked goods, condiments, jams, etc., that have added value to their product through some sort of “hands on” processing. 


FOOD COURT/(PREPARED FOODS-WINTER MARKET): Vendors who offers freshly made foods onsite or in commercial kitchens, available for immediate consumption and/or pick up. Vendors must provide a generator & 12 gauge electrical cords for electric service. 

FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS: Vendors who offers products designed to support sustainable development of small producer organizations and agricultural workers in developing countries.

ARTIST/CRAFTERS: All art/craft products must be handcrafted in the community by using tools and equipment to produce their product that require skill, personal handling, and or/manipulation. 

SERVICES: (Only available for Summer Market) One who provides a service onsite such as knife sharpening or tailoring. 

NONPROFITS & CHARITIES: (Only available for Summer Market) A nonprofit organization offering education regarding market-related and/or community services. The requesting organization may choose up to 2 times per market season for free. Religious and politically affiliated organizations will not be permitted. The requesting organization must provide a tent, table, chairs, and weather protection.

KPM2GO ONLY:  Vendors are required list their products for the full season, except for scheduled vacation. Products are to be delivered to the market by 9:00am Winter Market.