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Kenosha Public Market Farmers Market

About Public Food Markets & 
Kenosha Public Market

Public Food Markets, Inc. is Kenosha Public Market’s nonprofit parent. Public Food Markets (PFM) is a 501(c)3 that creates food access, community health and education to low-income neighborhoods and food deserts in Downtown Kenosha.


Kenosha Public Market (KPM) was started in April 2020 and was created to provide a collaborative, organized and educational marketing alternative for small scale agricultural and specialty products; to educate the public in the value of these products and activities. KPM is a catalyst and incubator for micro-enterprises, entrepreneurship, small farming enterprises and community supported agriculture through the operation of year-round community markets.


KPM was initially started as an online market due to the COVID-19 pandemic as area physical markets where closing. This directly affected the livelihood of local producers. Our online store strengthened our local food systems by providing a flexible alternative to the physical market. 

Our vendors who sold full time at our market received the online service free. KPM2GO also caters to SNAP/EBT customers who received a $20 match each market day.

Our volunteer board of directors is committed to ensuring its business, programs, and market activities are accountable and transparent, vendor and customer centric, innovative and community oriented. The KPM engages over 100 vendors who provide the food and products that are sold to consumers.


The intent of KPM and KPM2GO is to ensure a place where entrepreneurs can test their skills, services, and products while minimizing their risk in time and capital.

The PFM BOD provide financial and management oversight, with the executive committee providing more direct oversight of operations and programming. This group is made up of experienced people in the food industry, individuals with knowledge of food safety regulations, and individuals active in the wider food community.

Board of Directors

President - J. Michael McTernan
Treasurer - Laura Belsky
Secretary - Laura Gregorski
Board Member - Dino Katris
Board Member - Susan Elrod
Board Member - Kevin Elrod
Board Member - James Schend
Board Member - Craig Royske
Board Member - Curzio Caravati
Board Member - Dan Bensen
Board Member - Gretchen Covelli

Susan Patricelli

Eric LaMere

Greg Belsky

Erik Bedore

Hayden Bedore

Andres Bedore

Ricki Weiss

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